US envoy meets Taliban diplomat, presses for women’s rights

The US exceptional emissary on Afghanistan met with the Taliban’s central negotiator on Saturday and pushed global resistance to the gathering’s treatment of ladies and young ladies.

Since flooding back to control last year, the Taliban have forced a large number of limitations on common society, many zeroed in on getting control over the freedoms of ladies and young ladies.

Recently, Afghanistan’s incomparable chief arranged ladies to conceal completely out in the open, including their countenances, preferably with the conventional burqa.

“Young ladies should be back in school, ladies allowed to move and work without limitations for progress to standardized relations,” US exceptional agent on Afghanistan Thomas West composed on Twitter of his gathering in Qatar with the Taliban’s unfamiliar pastor Amir Khan Mutaqi.

The two additionally talked about monetary adjustment in Afghanistan and worries over assaults on regular people, West added.

The nation is wavering very nearly financial debacle, after different countries froze Afghanistan’s resources held abroad and cut off help.

“Discourse will go on the side of Afghan individuals and our public advantages,” West said in his post.

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