US, others walk out of Apec talks over Russia’s Ukraine invasion

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Representatives of the US and several other nations walked out of an Asia-Pacific trade ministers meeting in Bangkok today to protest Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, officials said.

The walkout was “an expression of disapproval at Russia’s illegal war of aggression in Ukraine and its economic impact in the Apec region,” one diplomat said.

Representatives from Canada, New Zealand, Japan and Australia joined the Americans, led by trade representative Katherine Tai, in walking out of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) meeting, two Thai officials and two international diplomats told Reuters.

Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb 24, saying it aimed to demilitarise and “denazify” its neighbour. Ukraine and the West say President Vladimir Putin launched an unprovoked war of aggression, which has claimed thousands of civilian lives, sent millions of Ukrainians fleeing and caused economic fallout around the world.

Another diplomat said the five countries that staged the protest wanted “stronger language on Russia’s war” in the group’s final statement to be issued on Sunday.

“The meeting will not be a failure if (a joint statement) cannot be issued,” Thai commerce minister Jurin Laksanawisit told reporters, adding that the meeting was “progressing well” despite the walk out.

The walkout took place while Russian economy minister Maxim Reshetnikov was delivering remarks at the opening of the two-day meeting from the group of 21 economies.

The delegations from five countries that staged the protest returned to the meeting after Reshetnikov finished speaking, a Thai official said.
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Agents of the US and a few different countries left an Asia-Pacific exchange pastors meeting in Bangkok today to fight Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine, authorities said.

The walkout was “a declaration of objection at Russia’s unlawful conflict of hostility in Ukraine and its monetary effect in the Apec area,” one ambassador said.

Delegates from Canada, New Zealand, Japan and Australia joined the Americans, drove in terms of professional career agent Katherine Tai, in leaving the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) meeting, two Thai authorities and two worldwide representatives told Reuters.

Russia attacked Ukraine on Feb 24, saying it planned to disarm and “denazify” its neighbor. Ukraine and the West say President Vladimir Putin sent off a ridiculous conflict of hostility, which has asserted a great many regular citizen lives, sent huge number of Ukrainians escaping and caused monetary aftermath all over the planet.

Another ambassador said the five nations that arranged the dissent needed “more grounded language on Russia’s conflict” in the gathering’s last articulation to be given on Sunday.

“The gathering won’t be a disappointment if (a joint assertion) can’t be given,” Thai trade serve Jurin Laksanawisit told correspondents, adding that the gathering was “advancing great” in spite of the leave.

The walkout occurred while Russian economy serve Maxim Reshetnikov was conveying comments at the kickoff of the two-day meeting from the gathering of 21 economies.

The assignments from five nations that organized the dissent got back to the gathering after Reshetnikov wrapped up talking, a Thai authority said.
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